Online project estimator for your perimeter fence company. View Demo

Flawless integration

Fencetimator integrates perfectly with your existing web site. The estimator window appears as an overlay over your site, providing a seamless experience for your site visitors.

  • Users never leave your site
  • Not a popup, will not be blocked by browsers
  • Works with ALL sites, whether hosted on Windows, Linux or Unix
  • Add only a simple tag to your site
  • No technical setup needed - just log in and add your prices

Compare fences

Make it easy for your customers to find the right fence for their needs and budget. Fencetimator automatically provides pricing for similar fences alongside the estimate for the requested parameters.

  • Upsell opportunities: "Look, for just a little more we could get that one."
  • Save the sale: "We can't afford this one, but looks like there are other options in our budget."
  • Increase confidence: "We've looked at the options and this seems right."

Multiple price schedules

Optionally set up multiple price schedules - different pricelists for different customers, services, or discount levels.

  • Offer "Installed" prices and "Do It Yourself" prices
  • Offer residential prices and commercial/industrial prices
  • Offer discounts for certain job types, customer types, timeframes or more

Contact Form

Collect qualified leads with the built-in contact form. After your prospects see an estimate they like, they can begin the process or ask questions with this easy form that will be sent right to your sales staff.

  • Form submissions are instantly emailed to you, and a thank you email is sent to your prospect/customer
  • Information will include prospect's phone and email
  • Form automatically sends the users's chosen fence parameters and the estimate they were shown
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